Foot Vibration to Improve Foot Sensitivity and Ankle Brachial Index and Relief Pain Sensation in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients

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I. Dewa Putu Gede Putra Yasa
V. M. Endang S. P. Rahayu
I. Made Widastra
Gusti Ayu Ari Rasdini
I. Ketut Labir
I. Wayan Surasta


Exercise is one way to achieve good glycemic control and complication prevention. These study analysed effect of foot vibration to pain, foot sensitivity and ankle brachial index (ABI) improvement on type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) patients. These study used pre-experiment one group pre and post test design with 20 samples, collected by using consecutive sampling. Intervention was provide foot vibration for 8 weeks at public health center of Abiansemal II Badung, Bali. The result showed mean of foot pain (right: 4.35. left: 3.85), foot sensitivity (right: 2.85, left: 3.05) and ABI (right: 0.82, left: 0.85) before intervention. Neuropathy and ABI improved after intervention with mean of foot pain (right: 3.35. left: 2.70, p=0.001), foot sensitivity (right: 1.50, left: 1.35, p=0.001) and ABI (right: 0.82, left: 0.85, p=0.001). For the result concluded that foot vibration was effective to improve neuropathy n ABI on type 2 DM patients.

Foot vibration, type 2 DM, neuropathy

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Yasa, I. D. P. G. P., Rahayu, V. M. E. S. P., Widastra, I. M., Rasdini, G. A. A., Labir, I. K., & Surasta, I. W. (2020). Foot Vibration to Improve Foot Sensitivity and Ankle Brachial Index and Relief Pain Sensation in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients. Asian Journal of Research and Reports in Endocrinology, 3(2), 23-28. Retrieved from
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